Common Car Maintenance Mistakes That Could Be Costing You

Modern technology allows cars to run better and last longer than ever before. Even so, the best cars still need some routine maintenance to keep them in the best condition possible and to avoid costly repairs. These are some of the most common car maintenance mistakes drivers make that can wreak havoc on their cars.




Properly caring for your car’s tires is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle running well and to maintain optimal safety on the road. You should make a habit of regularly checking for good tire inflation, alignment, and tread.




Routinely changing your car’s oil is another inexpensive and simple way to keep your car happy and healthy. Additionally, you should consider using winter-grade motor oil during the coldest months of the year for best performance.




It’s easy to ignore the squeaks and grinding sounds that signal your brakes are going bad, but it’s important not to put off addressing this issue. New brake pads are cheap and easy to install. If ignored, brake damage can quickly increase and lead to more costly repairs.




Good windshield wipers are crucial to overall vehicle safety. If your wipers are cracked, bent, damaged, or just plain old, you should replace them now before bad weather puts you in danger.


If you’re not sure how you’re doing on car maintenance, contact us at Midwest Toyota. Our service team will be happy to take a look.

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