Enjoy the Benefits of Dealership Financing

When buying a new car, most shoppers choose to pay for their car by taking out a loan. While you can shop for the loan yourself and spend hours applying for loans and comparing rates, we think you would be better served letting us do the work for you. Here are four benefits of dealership financing.

  1. Do the work for you. Save yourself some time and frustration by letting us find a loan for you. Simply fill out one application, and we can take it from there.
  2. Wide range of lenders. At Midwest Toyota, we have access to a wide range of lending institutions. This means we can search through our extensive financing network to find you the best rate possible.
  3. Won’t affect your credit. Even if you already found a loan, give us a chance to beat it. Having multiple loan requests on your credit within the same time frame will not negatively impact your credit score.
  4. Exclusive offers. If you are purchasing a new Toyota, you can finance through Toyota Financing. This is only available at a dealership and gives you access to a variety of special loan rates, cash back offers, and other incentives.

Visit Midwest Toyota to learn more about the benefits of financing at our dealership.

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