Getting Your Car Ready for Fall

Fall car care

The fall season is finally upon us, which means soon the leaves will be falling and the temperatures will be dropping. It’s never too late to prepare your car for the weather change – here are some fall car care tips.


Your tires go through a lot all year. Make sure they’re ready to take on the season by doing a tire rotation (if you haven’t recently), checking their wear and tear, and checking their pressure. Cold weather often decreases tire pressure, which can lead to less road traction.

Heating System

The weather starts cooling down a lot throughout October and November, so one of the things you’ll want to check is your heating system. Ensure that it’s working properly because you’ll not only need it to stay warm, but to defrost windshields and windows on cold mornings.


Fall tends to see more fog than other seasons, so double-check to make sure all of your headlights, taillights, signals, and brake lights are working. You’ll need them in top shape to navigate the night, especially since it’s getting dark earlier every day.


Your car’s battery doesn’t always react well to cold weather. Before the chilly temperatures set in, check the battery’s charge to make sure it’s strong enough to get you through the season. If there’s a weak charge or corrosion, you should consider getting a new battery.

If you need help with your fall car care to-do list, contact the service department at Midwest Toyota.

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