It’s Time for Spring Vehicle Maintenance

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s the perfect time to give your vehicle a little extra attention. Following these spring vehicle maintenance tips will help your ride recover from winter and be in the best shape possible for your summer travels.

Inspect your tires

When temperatures rise, so does the air pressure in your vehicle’s tires. That’s why it’s important to check this in the spring. You can find your vehicle’s proper tire pressure by looking inside the driver’s side door jamb, or by referencing the owner’s manual. While you’re checking the pressure, visually inspect your tires to look for cracks or tread wear.

Check your wiper blades

Winter can be especially tough on the rubber part of your vehicle’s wiper blades. Inspect these and change them out if necessary in preparation for spring showers. Also, if you notice any windshield streaking while your wipers are on, there’s a good chance they might need to be replaced.

Look under the hood

Check under the hood to make sure hoses and belts are properly secured and that they’re not leaking. While the hood is up, you should also check your vehicle’s fluids, including the wiper fluid, oil, and antifreeze/coolant. If you haven’t taken your car to the shop in the past three months, you may also be due for an oil change.

Take advantage of spring to give your vehicle the care it deserves. Our service department here at Midwest Toyota is ready to serve you no matter the season!

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