Toyota and Discovery Education Offer Virtual Field Trips

The virtual world has become the new classroom for students across the world thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. With children sheltering in place, everything about traditional school has vanished for the moment, including field trips. But Toyota and Discovery Education are teaming up to bring the automotive world to students with free, interactive virtual field trips.

Students can get a closer look at what drives Toyota to engineer safer, more innovative vehicles with the following online learning opportunities:

  • Artificial Intelligence, automation and STEM concepts applied to vehicles are the focus of the Cars of the Future: Artificial Intelligence and Automated Vehicles. Students will “travel” to the Toyota Research Institute in Michigan, for a glimpse into the future.
  • Innovations to protect drivers on the road are examined in The Toyota Impact: The Engineering Behind Safe Driving.
  • The Indiana-based online learning session, Toyota Under the Hood: The Science Behind Safe Driving, showcases the automaker’s manufacturing plant. Students will see how Toyota prioritizes safety tech and systems in the vehicles it manufactures.
  • Parents of teen drivers may want to chaperone a trip to the Toyota TeenDrive365 Challenge. The session focuses on distracted driving through a video challenge. Life-saving habits are also highlighted.

While the world is set in neutral, you may not be driving as much as usual. Be sure not to neglect your vehicle’s maintenance. Call Midwest Toyota in Hutchinson, Kansas, to schedule a service appointment.

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