Toyota Introduces Camry and Avalon AWD Models

Toyota is launching all-wheel drive models of the 2020 Camry mid-size sedan and 2021 Avalon full-size sedan. The AWD Camry is expected to arrive at dealerships soon, while the AWD Avalon is expected to arrive later this year.

Rather than deprioritize or even do away with its sedans like many automakers are doing, Toyota is choosing instead to adapt its sedans to meet the needs of buyers. The added safety of AWD is a big part of why so many drivers are switching to crossovers and SUVs.

The AWD system on the Camry and Avalon will be the same as the system on the RAV4 compact SUV. Known as the Dynamic Torque Control AWD system, it provides extra traction without draining fuel like most AWD systems.

Toyota says the system will allow the Camry and Avalon to direct up to half the torque to the back wheels if it detects the front wheels slipping, then disengages to prioritize fuel economy when AWD isn’t needed.

In addition to AWD, the Camry and Avalon will both come standard with Toyota Safety Sense™ P, a suite of safety systems that includes Pre-Collision System with a Pedestrian Detection and Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, among others.

We’re looking forward to stocking these models here at Midwest Toyota, and we encourage you to reach out for more details about when they’ll be available here at our showroom.

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