Ways to Make Your Daily Commute More Enjoyable

Whether you’re driving to work or school, the time you spend behind the wheel doesn’t have to go to waste. Here at Midwest Toyota, we’ve put together a list of four fun ways to get the most out of your commute.   

Listen to audiobooks or podcasts

Audiobooks and podcasts are a great way to stay informed, entertained, and engaged on a long commute. Whether you’re revisiting an old favorite novel or listening to your favorite internet personalities discuss current events, they’re sure to make your drive seem a whole lot shorter.

Find a new route

If you’re frustrated by heavy traffic at certain intersections, or find yourself zoning out along familiar stretches of the highway, switch things up by finding a new route. Finding new paths to familiar destinations can help exercise your brain. And if you’re ever hit by a road closure on your normal route, you’ll already have a backup plan.

Discover new music

Use your vehicle’s infotainment system to tap into your favorite streaming services. Programs like Spotify’s Discover playlist help you find new artists based on your friends’ playlists. If you’re interested in branching out further, try Playlist a Day, which sends you a random, curated playlist that gets imported directly to Spotify — or even check out an entirely different music service, like Pandora or Apple Music.

Quiet time

While you’re cruising down the highway, try shutting out distractions. Have a little time to yourself to relax, reflect and be alone with your thoughts. You may find it helpful to turn off your phone and radio, so you can thoroughly clear your mind. 

To test drive a new Toyota for your daily commute or to maintenance your current commuter, give us a call at Midwest Toyota!

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